This "Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research on Innovative Areas Research" aims to understand the function of the Empathetic Systems that maintains sound and sustainable social bases of humans. This aim will be achieved by revealing the mechanisms of the empathetic systems in a human specific cooperative behavior, evolutional origins of the empathetic systems, and the genetic, molecular, neural and the brain circuit regulations for the empathetic systems.

News & Topics

  • 2016.2.26 
    As a pre-satellite symposia of ICP2016, Empathy Project is holding International Symposium "Brain and Social Mind - The Origin of Empathy and Morality" on July 23rd (sat), 2016 together with ICP2016 and Japan Neuroscience Society Annual Meeting/Elsevier.
    For details, please qlick Official website of the International Symposium
    No registration in advance, no admission required. All programs will be done in English.
    For downlooading the poster of the symposium, please visit the page Symposia/Seminars.
    We look forward to your active participation.
  • 2016.2.16 
    Tohoku University Faculty Recruitment (Department of Developmental Biology and Neuroscience)
    Vacancies: One or Two Professor positions (For more details, qlick HERE )
    Affiliation: Department of Developmental Biology and Neuroscience of Graduate School of LIFE SCIENCES, TOHOKU UNIVERSITY
    Research field: NEUROSCIENCE

    Applicants should have achieved a record of distinction in a discipline of high-order brain functions, such as cognition, memory and behavior, with various advanced methods. The area of research is open, but applicants should demonstrate the potential to develop innovative and programmatic research and obtain extramural support in their area of interest. Applicants should be able to teach undergraduate and graduate lecture/laboratory courses in Neuroscience and supervise graduate and undergraduate research. Of particular relevance to this search are the extensive opportunities for interaction with faculty members of other laboratories in the graduate school.
    See details HERE

    Start of employment: April 1, 2017 or later
    Required documents (use A4 papers) and a CD-ROM:
    (1) Curriculum vitae
    (2) List of publications (original papers, reviews, book chapters in English and those in other languages and patents should be separately listed).
    (3) Ten selected reprints with short descriptions of five main papers (total, 400 words).
    (4) A summary of current researches (600 words).
    (5) A statement of research plans and teaching interests/philosophy (600 words).
    (6) Research grants in the nearest ten years.
    (7) At least two letters of reference.
    (8) Others: Awards, invited presentations, organization of symposia, editors of scientific journals, committee members for scientific societies, etc.
    (9) A CD-ROM that contains PDF files for (1) ~ (8) above.

    Application deadline: May 9, 2016

    Send application to:
    Akihiro Sawada, Chief of General Affairs Office,
    Graduate School of Life Sciences,
    Katahira 2-1-1, Aoba-ku, Sendai 980-8577, Japan
    (Write in red ink the envelope “Application for a Professor position” and use certified mail. Application documents will not be returned.)
    Please contact Prof. Hiromu Yawo
    Phone: +81-22-217-6208
    email:hiromu.yawo.c7(at) (Please use at sign instead of (at).)
    (1) For details about our graduate school, please see our homepage at
    (2) Selected applicants will be invited to an interview at Tohoku University.
    (3) Tohoku University is an equal opportunity employer. Applications from women and non-Japanese are strongly encouraged.
  • We have decided to hold a second information session regarding our call for research proposals. We look forward to your attendance.
    Date and time: October 5th, 1:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.
    Location: Graduate School of Letters Lecture Hall #7, 2nd floor of Kyoto University Faculty of Letters building (The Faculty of Letters building is building 8 in the map.)
  • We will hold an information session regarding our call for research proposals as follows. We hope you will attend.
    Date and time: September 8th, 2013, 1:00 p.m. - 2:30 p.m.
    Location: University of Tokyo College of Arts and Sciences, 21COMEE Lecture Hall